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Dear Readers and Listeners,

I am thrilled to bring you the next chapter of my serialized novel, SHE WANTS TO KILL. In this chapter, 'WHITE ON THE REAR SEAT,' Ravi's resolve to follow Dr. Malhotra's advice is put to the test once more. As he grapples with the relentless ghostly presence, his attempt to rationalize the haunting experiences leads to a harrowing sequence of events that blurs the lines between reality and the supernatural.

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Now, let's dive into Chapter 6 of SHE WANTS TO KILL. Happy reading and listening!

With love and warm regards,

Biswajit Banerjee

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Welcome to OBSCURUS, your weekly dose of paranormal fiction. Every Wednesday OBSCURUS features new short stories and serialized novels written by novelist, screenwriter, and voice-over artist Biswajit Banerjee. The realm of the paranormal stretches far beyond the usual horror story. So, while you will get to listen to lots of ghost stories on this podcast, there will also be many tales of lesser-known paranormal themes. To get us started, here's your host Biswajit Banerjee.


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Welcome to another eerie episode of OBSCURUS, where shadows whisper, and the unseen come to life. I'm your host, Biswajit Banerjee, and tonight, we delve deeper into the enigmatic and haunting world of our serialized novel, 'SHE WANTS TO KILL.'


Last time, Ravi Sharma's struggle with his terrifying encounters reached new heights, leaving him desperate to understand whether these experiences are figments of his imagination or something far more sinister. Despite Dr. Jyoti Malhotra's advice and attempts to rationalize the events, the sense of dread only seems to grow.


In today's chapter, "WHITE ON THE REAR SEAT," Ravi's attempt to follow the doctor's guidance leads to a harrowing confrontation on the road. The drive takes a horrifying turn, resulting in a severe accident that puts him at the mercy of angry victims and skeptical police officers. As Ravi grapples with the consequences, his friend Bikash Sengupta comes to his aid, but the emotional and financial strain is palpable.


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Now, without further ado, let's dive into the latest chapter of 'SHE WANTS TO KILL' – 'WHITE ON THE REAR SEAT.' Prepare yourself for a journey where reality and the supernatural intertwine, keeping you on the edge of your seat.






Written and Performed by Biswajit Banerjee

A ghastly girl suddenly appears in the rear seat of Ravi's car, her eerie presence instantly filling the air with a chilling sense of dread and terror!
The ghastly girl appears in the rear seat of Ravi's car!



He moved into his car with a firm resolve that he would try to follow Dr. Jyoti Malhotra's advice with greater avidity. Thankfully, the air inside the vehicle was no longer heavy. He wondered if the girl could be a mere image generated by his mind. And what about every other paranormal activity that he had been privy to – the noises, the touches, the heaviness of the air, and whatnot – were all those constructs of his mind, too? His rational self now questioned his conviction that the bloodless girl was real. The doubt, however, didn't last for long. When he reached the Brenda Road, the heaviness returned. In keeping with the doctor's advice, he said to himself, "This is all false. There is no heaviness around me. It is simply a feeling and will go away in a while. This is not a paranormal activity."


The self-suggestions didn't work as the heaviness of the air went up. Very soon, he found it difficult to breathe. Then he looked up in the rearview mirror. There she was again! Clad in the same white dress, she sat with her hair falling over her face. She raised a hand, and he saw the same skeletal fingers and the rotten fingernails. The shock was too huge to bear! He lost control of the car, and it first slammed into the vehicle to his left and then into the one to his right. He pressed the brake hard, but by the time his car stopped, it had damaged a couple more vehicles. Ravi's car had collided with four vehicles in total.


Ravi got down and rushed towards the vehicles his car had rammed into. He was relieved that no one had been hurt, but two vehicles had been considerably damaged. Then, a streak of invectives from the people in those vehicles came.


"I am sorry," he said with folded hands, "I just lost control of the car. I promise I will pay all the damages."




The invectives continued as a police van arrived on the scene in some time. A couple of fat police officers alighted from it and moved around the place. After they had finished their cursory inspection, they moved over to where the crowd was. Ravi read the names on their badges. One's name was P.N. Kumar, while the other was Umesh Meena.


"What happened?" P.N. Kumar said.


Ravi watched the proceedings helplessly as complaints poured out against him. When those people ran out of rants and complaints, the police officers looked at him.


"What's your name?" Umesh Meena asked.


"Ravi Sharma."


"Ravi Sharma," Meena repeated the name, virtually parodying it.


"It was whisky or rum," Kumar asked with a naughty smile.


"I don't drink."


"We will see that in the police station," Meena remarked, "come, let's move."


The policemen instructed the affected parties to follow their van to the police station, where the monetary compensation and the future legal course would be decided. Ravi sat in a police van for the first time in his life. He had never imagined, even in his wildest thoughts, that one day he would have to travel to a police station in a police van as a culprit. Tears flowed down his cheeks.


"You are crying, Sharma," Umesh said with a naughty smile, "what do you think we will be doing to you?"


"Don't worry, we will not lynch you, Sharma," Kumar laughed.


Shortly, they were all in the police station. It was a dingy, dirty place with files scattered all around. There was a damp smell.


A few constables talked to the affected parties to work out the compensation. From their talks, Ravi could make out that close to Rupees forty thousand in total would have to be paid to those people. He didn't have that much money in his bank. Ravi wasn't sure if Kavita's account had that much, either. In any case, he didn't have Kavita's ATM card. He didn't want to involve Kavita in the mess, but now, there seemed no other way. He took out his mobile phone.


"Whom are you trying to call," Kumar asked.


"I am calling home," he replied.


"First, you take this; your call can wait." Kumar gave him a cuboidal device.


"What is this?" Ravi asked.


"Never mind what is this," Umesh said from a distance, "just blow air into its top opening."




"This is a device that will check the alcohol content in your breath, Sir," a woman constable said as she walked over to Ravi's seat.


"Will you manage this, Pratibha," Kumar asked her.


"Yes, Sir, I will," she said, taking the device from Ravi's hand.


"Sir," she said with a comforting smile, "you simply have to blow air into it for seven seconds."


"But I am not drunk," Ravi responded.


"I know that Sir; you are not drunk." She appeared to be the only sane human around. "This is a mere formality. Simply blow into it, but it must be seven seconds of uninterrupted airflow."


"Seven seconds, that means I will have to blow hard."


"Not at all, Sir," she gave him a reassuring look, "Blow normally into it, and I will tell you when to stop."


"Okay," he said and blew into the device.


"That should do, Sir," the constable said and checked the device.


Ravi looked on anxiously, for although he hadn't drunk, the legal system in this nation could be very unpredictable. While many criminals go scot-free, many innocents are punished.


"There is nothing wrong with your breaths, Sir," she smiled, "the device has detected no alcohol."


He was greatly relieved to hear that as the constable printed two copies of the report from one side of the device.


"This one is for you, Sir," she gave one receipt to him, "this is your proof that you aren't drunk."


"Thank you so much, Ma'am," Ravi said softly, "you have been very kind to me."


"You are most welcome, Sir, but I am just doing my duty."




Kumar came over as the constable moved away.


"So you are clear on that count," he said, "but that doesn't solve your problem. You have to pay a hefty compensation. You have, after all, damaged four vehicles."


"How much do I have to pay?"


"Rupees sixty thousand," Kumar showed him a paper on which the amount was worked out.


"That's too much," Ravi protested, "how can it be that huge an amount?"


"Be happy I have brought it down to that," he said, putting a piece of chewing gum into his mouth. "If I had gone by the demands of the complaining parties, the total claims would have been close to double that figure."


"But I too have some idea, Officer, those damages do no merit rupees sixty thousand as compensation. It should be much less than that amount."


"So you are disputing what has been worked out," Kumar said. "That means this issue will go to court."


"I have no intentions of taking this issue to the court, Sir," Ravi softened down, "all I want is a recalculation of the compensation."


"What do you think we are doing over here?" Umesh walked over. "We have calculated everything well and checked out properly to see if our figures are correct. Do you think we are morons sitting over here?"


"I didn't mean that, Sir," Ravi softened his tone further.


"Look, we are not interested in arguments with you," Umesh said. "Either you must agree to pay this amount, or this matter will be in court. We may also have to charge you under clauses of negligent driving."


"Do you know what that means," Kumar added, "If those charges are proved, then you may be imprisoned for up to six months … the imprisonment could be either rigorous or simple. A bad judge will not think twice before passing a sentence of rigorous imprisonment."


"There could also be a hefty fine alongside the imprisonment," Umesh laughed, "the choice is yours, Sharma. Either settle the things out of court by paying rupees sixty thousand or complicate things by going to court."


Ravi sensed he had little choice.


"Can I make a call now?" He asked.


"O yes, you are free, man, at least for now," Umesh laughed again.




As he began to dial Kavita's number, he wondered if it would be fitting to call her. No, this was certainly not the right place for his wife to be in. Also, her coming wouldn't perhaps help, for even if the amounts lying in their bank accounts were added, the total wouldn't be rupees sixty thousand. It was a horrible financial strain the two of them were going through. What could he do? Well, there was just one alternative – to call Bikash Sengupta to come over. He did just that, and as if Bikash had a magic wand, he was there in a matter of minutes. The first thing Bikash did after coming over was to embrace Ravi warmly.


"Don't worry, I will manage everything," he said.


“O Bikash, I am sorry.”


"You have no reasons to be sorry; simply relax, let me handle this."


Bikash quickly completed the formalities, including making payments to the affected parties and getting written confirmation from them and the competent authority of the police station that Ravi would not be liable for anything, as all requisite legal formalities had been duly completed.


"Are we left with any other formality?" Bikash asked the police officers.


"No, that's all," Umesh replied.


"Don't forget the vehicle, Officer; I have already paid an amount to your concerned unit for having it moved to a workshop."


"We will have it moved to a good workshop," Kumar said, "I guess you have a receipt for the payment you made there."


"O yes, I have," Bikash nodded, "I have been told by the unit's officer-in-charge that it would take around a week for the vehicle to be repaired. I will pay the balance charges upon delivery of the vehicle."


"There's nothing to worry about," Umesh said. "The concerned unit has links with all the good workshops in this area. You will be duly informed after the vehicle is ready."


“Thanks,” Bikash said.


Bikash's confidence was a good answer to the arrogant police officers, but the insults they had hurled at Ravi were not easy for him to digest. Although he wasn't vindictive by nature, he was so deeply hurt that day that he wished he had enough powers to exact revenge on Umesh and Kumar.




Dear listeners, that was Chapter 6 of 'SHE WANTS TO KILL' titled 'WHITE ON THE REAR SEAT.' Ravi's resolve to follow Dr. Malhotra's advice is tested again, leading to a harrowing sequence of events that brings him face-to-face with the relentless ghostly presence. His attempt to rationalize the haunting experiences meets with devastating consequences, leaving him entangled in a web of fear and doubt.


As we delve deeper into Ravi's nightmarish journey, expect more spine-chilling encounters and perplexing twists that will blur the boundaries between reality and the supernatural. Next week, we will explore Ravi's desperate attempts to understand and combat the mysterious forces that seem determined to shatter his sanity.


Don't forget to visit our websites, and, for updates and additional content. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for exclusive behind-the-scenes content and more. Your support on Patreon is crucial and will enable us to bring you more thrilling episodes filled with suspense and mystery. Also, check out my training program, SPOKEN ENGLISH FOR NON-NATIVE SPEAKERS, designed to help you gain confidence and fluency in English.


Thank you for joining me on this eerie adventure. Until next time, keep your senses sharp and your lights dim, for the shadows are never far away. Stay curious, stay cautious, and always be ready for the unexpected.


Following my talk, enjoy the thematic music for this episode titled 'THEY FLOW IN WITH WINDS,' an AI music composition by me that perfectly encapsulates this episode's eerie and unsettling atmosphere. As Ravi grapples with his ghostly encounters and the chilling presence of the bloodless girl, the haunting melodies of this composition underscore the tension and fear that permeate his experiences. The music enhances the narrative by reflecting Ravi's inner turmoil and the persistent sense of dread that defines his journey. This piece is an auditory embodiment of the episode's suspenseful and mysterious themes.


This is Biswajit Banerjee signing off.




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