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Hello, and welcome to my website. As an indie author, I look forward to sharing my serialized novels and short stories with readers and listeners worldwide through my podcast 'OBSCURUS.' If you are new to my works, I hope you find my stories exciting and entertaining. Much of my creative stuff – stories, podcasts, audio productions and videos – are available for free here. All information about my books and their links are also available.

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About Me

Storyteller at Heart

I’ve always been passionate about storytelling and have been writing stories and screenplays for nearly two decades. Starting as a screenwriter, I have done hundreds of scripts for movies, television programs, and documentaries. English mini-series for national television by the titles ‘The Number Game,’ ‘The Most Cherished Antique,’ and ‘Shadow Acts’ are some of my notable works of fiction. The prominent documentaries I have written include ‘Discovery of Electron,’ ‘Nirvana - The Final Abode,’ ‘The Holy Hill - Sammed Shikharji,’ ‘Towards Sunrise,’ ‘In Commune with Nature,’ and ‘The Legend Chugs Along.’ My script for a popular quiz show called ‘TERRAQUIZ - 2005’ found appreciation for its structure and lively presentation. ‘Precious Red Drops,’ an experimental film I wrote, is regarded for its high infotainment value.

Hundreds of readers loved my independently published novels titled ‘The Bureau’ and ‘The Sorceress’ under the series ‘My Paranormal Files.’ The first of these books has been the number one bestseller in the genre of Horror on for a long time. I am presently working on my forthcoming novels, a series of short stories, and movies.

As a voice-over artist, I have lent my voice to dozens of documentaries, advertisements, audio-visual presentations, and dramas. My podcast 'OBSCURUS' will feature a multitude of my short stories and serialized novels.

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My Paranormal Files: The Sorceress

July 3, 2015

THE SORCERESS is the second book in MY PARANORMAL FILES series but independent of the storyline of the first book. The protagonist ventures into a world of magic and fantasy to help a girl, widely believed to be a witch. The girl is incredibly intelligent and shockingly eerie at the same time. As if this eeriness isn't enough, the village Prithaka where the girl lives, also seems to be a phantasmal enigma - a sheer manifestation of the unknown. Strange events happen one after the other. Fear and frustration grip his psyche. A time comes when he can hardly tell fantasy from realism.
Will he hold his nerves? Who is this girl, after all? A sorceress? Is she in the grip of a paranormal phenomenon? Can the spiritual leanings of the protagonist be of use? Read this irresistible page-turner to find out the answers.

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My Paranormal Files: The Bureau

January 30, 2014

Can consciousness exist independently of the body? Is there life after death and incarnation a reality? Does an inanimate entity also have a spirit? What are the physical attributes of the souls and the world they inhabit? Can we contact the dead? I have explored these and many other questions in this book.
This book ranked one in the genre of horror on for a long time. Although it's fiction, I have offered a multitude of scientific and philosophical ideas concerning possible spirit phenomena.

Check out this book on Amazon and other popular book outlets.

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